O2 Priority

O2 customers can skip the ticket-buying queues and book up to 48 hours before shows go on general sale if they are on O2. 

It’s first-come, first-served and you can find out more at Priority Tickets

If you're an O2 customer It’s easy. Just go to the app store and download if for free for quick and easy access to Priority or text PRIORITY to 2020

If you are on O2 and have the priority app you can get 2 Tuborgs or Somersby pints for the price of 1 this is also available on Pepsi Max and Lemonade.

Please note that it must be two of the same drink. Get your code from the app and show it to the bar staff that are serving when you order.

Due to licensing conditions in some areas it may only be the soft drinks on offer, details will appear in the app.


If you are on O2 you can use our cloakroom for free via the O2 Priority App.

Download the code in the app and present it to our cloakroom staff when checking in your item. 

Only one code and item per customer 

Most of the time, we’ll have a separate queue for O2 customers. Our staff, and the O2 Angels, will help you out or just look out for the Priority Queue banners at the entrance.

Those on O2 can take up to 3 friends with them in this queue. Remember to show that you are on O2.

Please be aware that sometimes the queue can not be run due to certain circumstances.

Those on O2 can bring up to three people along with you even if they’re not on O2.
Sometimes on events we are unable to offer the priority queue.

No. O2 Priority tickets can only be purchased online or via the O2 App.

Text 'Priority' to 2020 from an O2 phone for more details.

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