Most of the time, we’ll have a separate queue for O2 customers. Our staff, and the O2 Angels, will help you out or just look out for the Priority Queue banners at the entrance.

Those on O2 can take up to 3 friends with them in this queue. Remember to show that you are on O2.

Please be aware that sometimes the queue can not be run due to certain circumstances.

Sometimes on events we are unable to offer the priority queue.
Those on O2 can bring up to three people along with you even if they’re not on O2.

Please be prepared to queue to deposit your item(s) in the cloakroom.

The cloakroom will be at it's busiest usually towards the start and end of events when people are coming and leaving. When there is cold weather this also impacts on the amount the cloakroom is used.

Staff will work as quickly as possible to serve you so please be patient. Towards the end of events security will ask those not collecting items to move away from the queue to ensure there is no congestion in the area.

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